Tips for Coming up with a Theme for Your Boudoir Shoot

Posted on: 26 December 2018

Boudoir photography may not have been talked about openly in years past, but it is steadily becoming a top choice for women who want to look sexy and have portraits they can share with their partner. This style of photography is both romantic and intimate, leaving you with erotic yet sophisticated photos that you can surprise your partner with on a special occasion. If you want your boudoir shoot to be personalised for your spouse, then you should think of a subject that will resonate with them. Some women tend to find it hard to pin down an appropriate theme for their boudoir shoot. If you are one of these women, here are some handy tips to get creative with your theme.

Consider your spouse's occupation

Men who love their jobs might be pleasantly surprised when you incorporate this into your boudoir shoot's theme. For instance, if your guy is enlisted with the military, you can choose to wear nothing but his dog tags during your shoot. Alternatively, if they work in the medical industry, you could consider creative ways of playing around with a stethoscope or wearing a lab coat or sexy nurse's uniform. Make the most of your photographer too, as they will have done numerous boudoir shoots and can advise you on how to do great with this theme.

Consider which of your traits are your spouse's favourites

Choosing to base your boudoir shoot's theme on what your spouse truly appreciates about you gives you a wide selection of things to include. If there is one body part that he truly finds sexy, you can choose to have your photo shoot feature this body part the most. Additionally, if he loves something about your personality, then you can choose to portray that attitude throughout the shoot. For example, people with sassy personalities may want to choose a dominatrix theme that features their partner's best body part. Alternatively, if he loves your homemaking skills, you can choose to dress in an apron.

Consider your spouse's fantasy

Going with your spouse's fantasy as your chosen theme is another route that is full of possibilities, especially if your spouse has several fantasies that you can play around with. If there is a particular movie franchise he is enamoured with, then you can have all your props and costumes to match the franchise. On the other hand, if it is a sexual fantasy that he has, you can role-play with that in mind during your shoot.