How to Keep Your Digital Camera Clean

Posted on: 8 October 2015

Many novice photographers make the mistake of rarely cleaning their digital cameras. All they focus on is removing the memory card so that they can view the shots captured. Such an oversight leads many digital cameras to wear out quickly or to capture poor quality shots. This article describes what items a novice photographer can include on his camera-cleaning checklist.

The Camera Bag

Many photographers may not think about the camera bag as they clean their equipment. This is inadvisable because any dirt or debris within the camera bag can be transferred quickly to the camera. Remove everything from your camera bag and vacuum it thoroughly. This will remove all the dust and debris that may have found its way into your camera bag.

The Camera's Outer Casing

Any dirt on the casing of the digital camera can easily be transferred to the internal components. For instance, you may transfer dust from the casing to the lens if your camera's casing is dirty. Use a blower brush to remove any surface dirt that is on the casing. Afterwards, use a dust cloth to clean the casing thoroughly. This will set the stage for you to work on the inner components of the camera without any worries that the inner parts will be dirtied by what is outside the camera.

The Sensor

Set your digital camera to manual mode, then hold it up. Point the sensor downward before you use the blower to blow away any dust that may be on it. It is advisable to keep the sensor facing down so that any dust removed from it falls away from that sensor. Make sure the brush is off the blower brush; otherwise it can touch the delicate sensor and damage it. Contact a professional camera cleaner for help if your sensor is so dirty that this approach cannot clean it.

The Mirror

Dust on the focusing screen or mirror can be transferred to the sensor, so keep the mirror clean. The mirror can be scratched easily so use the blower after removing the brush. Take your camera to a professional cleaner if the mirror needs more cleaning than the blower method can provide.

Use the tips above to keep your equipment clean. Consult a professional to clean your digital camera periodically (for instance, twice a year) so that any dirt you miss is not allowed to affect the lifespan of the camera.